Bindschatel, Nancy

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A Clerk has many responsibilities. One is to attend all council meetings, keep a permanent journal of its proceedings, and keep a record of all ordinances, resolutions and regulations of the council. They are a custodian of the city seal, and affix it to all documents requiring the seal; be custodian of all papers, documents and records pertaining to the City; and give to the proper department or official’s ample notice of the expiration or termination of any franchises, contracts or agreements. They are to provide and maintain a supply of forms for all petitions required to be filed for any purpose by the provisions of the Charter, such as elections. And certify by signature all ordinances and resolutions enacted or passed by the council, and perform any other duties required by the state law, the Charter, or by the council.

Elections and Voter Registration

All Elections will be held at the Frederic Township Hall