Courtesy of Grayling CVB

Frederic, MIchigan is home of miles and miles of trails and off road fun that is shared by Horse Back Riders, Side by Sides and Orv’s.   Please remember to be respectful of others and our lands.  Orv’s as long as they have current stickers are allowed to ride the shoulder of all roads except I-75 and M-72 at a speed of 25 mph to access trails.  As you travel be mindful of various locations the DNR has posted  red “NO ORV” markers.  These areas are usually near rivers and lakes and are enforced to minimize soil erosion and protect are natural habitats of the great abundance of wildlife in our area.  Also note that the trail along the railroad tracks is trail that is leased from the railroad by the snowmobile association and Orv’s are not allowed next to the tracks even though snowmobiles are.  Long story short, ride the shoulder of the road at 25 mph when near the railroad tracks.  If you see red “NO ORV” markers avoid those areas, stay on the trails, 2 tracks and roads, respect others and be safe.  There is a lot of beauty and trails to be seen and enjoyed.  See you on the Trails !!!!!!!!

Trail map is available here.

Visit Up North Trails website for more information

Or the Michigan DNR website for even more info including interactive mapping at:,4570,7-350-79119_79148_80314—,00.html